Patrick Wieghardt

I have always been fascinated by data, how to access this stored information and communicate it to create knowledge.

When I was young, I read encyclopedia articles to fall asleep, trivial pursuit cards in the toilet and got quick information from teletext.... later the internet opened a whole new information source.

This probably motivated my early interest in programming which I later applied to biology that was slowly becoming a huge generator of new data.

I ended up in global healthcare research and management in the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and academic industries, having worked in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, and Peru.

I like quick access to information and answers, mainly through data analysis, structuring it into information in order to generate knowledge about it.

Humans just love negative stuff, we are so attracted to it:

  • In a day, 10 good things happen to you and then just 1 bad one, and we embrace the bad experience and keep it circling in our mind.

  • We doubt positive things (like someone saying he loves you), but we believe a negative thing straight away (saying he hates you)

  • We postpone good stuff (like praising someone, giving gifts or donations), but negative stuff (like talk bad about someone) we do straight away.

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