Some interesting projects I participate(d) in... 

High Cell Density Fed Batch Fermentatios

Exponential growth pseudomonas putida bacteria to create biodegradable plastic. 

Multicistronic Plasmids

Expressed Sequence Tag clustering

Recursive algorithm for automated clustering and assembly of large Expressed Sequence Tag (EST)

Sequence Analysis and Annotation

Using bioinformatics tools, RNA, DNA and Protein sequences were annotated into inhouse databases

Swiss Biogrid
Proof of Concept

Proof of concept grid computing (precursor to cloud computing) for a

Point of Care Diagnostics 

Global Product Management of a point of care solution with 300M$ revenue. Launch, supply, logistics, R&D interface.

Medical CheckApp Telemedicine

empowering patients with adherent therapies

Open Source Clinical Health Record

Proof of concept for an implementation of country wide implementation of an open source electronic health record

Asociación Maria Reiche

Continue Marie Reiche's Legacy of protecting and conserving the lines and geoglyphs of Ica, so that Peruvians achieve a national identification with their history, which integrates a diverse heritage

Licitación DARES

Supply to public health entities through public DARES tenders (Dirección de Abastecimiento de Recursos Estratégicos en Salud) 

Cilindros Oxigeno

We brought 2,500 oxygen flasks to help COVID patients in the regions during the sanitary emergency.

OpenCovid Perú

Somos una comunidad de científicos e investigadores que analiza y publica datos sobre la pandemia para así mejor informar y asesorar a la población y autoridades del Perú.

Member of the Technical Working Group (RM 095-2021)

Propose the criteria to update the death toll from COVID-19 in Peru

open data

Volvamos a Clases Perú

Help 8M peruvian school children attend presential classes after 2 years of no school.