Patrick Wieghardt

I have always been fascinated by data, how to access this stored information and communicate it to create knowledge.

When I was young, I read encyclopedia articles to fall asleep, trivial pursuit cards while in the toilet and got quick information from teletext... later the internet opened a whole new information source.

This probably motivated my early interest in programming which I later applied to biology, a science that was slowly becoming a huge generator of new data.

I ended up in global healthcare research and management in the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and academic industries, having worked in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, and Peru.

I like quick access to information and answers, mainly through data analysis, structuring it into information in order to generate knowledge about it.

Technical Working Group of a temporary nature, under the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, with the purpose of proposing the criteria to update the death toll in Peru by COVID-19.

Left to right: Victor Suárez (Head of the National Institute of Health), Ragi Burhum (co-Founder OpenCovid Perú), Marushka Chocobar (Secretary of Digital Government), Patrick Wieghardt (co-Founder OpenCovid Perú), Violeta Bermúdez (Prime Minister of Perú), Francisco Sagasti (President of Perú), Oscar Ugarte (Health Minister of Perú), Edgardo Nepo (WHO/PAHO), Rocío Villanueva (Dean Law PUCP), Julio Ruiz (Head of Center Disease of Control)

Hobbies & co.

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Humans just love negative stuff, we are so attracted to it:

  • In a day, 10 good things happen to you and then just 1 bad one, and we embrace the bad experience and keep it circling in our mind.

  • We doubt positive things (like someone saying he loves you), but we believe a negative thing straight away (saying he hates you)

  • We postpone good stuff (like praising someone, giving gifts or donations), but negative stuff (like talk bad about someone) we do straight away.

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