Working Group with purpose of proposing criteria to update the COVID-19 death toll 

On May 31, 2021, we updated the COVID-19 death toll in Peru from 68,053 to 180,764 by creating new criteria to classify deaths and correct the mismatch generated by the Health authorities.

Our final report:


The working group met twice a week and assigned tasks for each function. 

There were three meetings with the President of Peru, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health within the framework of RM-095-2021-PCM. 

The important contributions made were acknowledged and thanked by national decree:
Resolución Ministerial Nº 122-2021-PCM 

Left to right:  

Victor Suárez (Head of the National Institute of Health)
Ragi Burhum (co-Founder OpenCovid Perú)
Marushka Chocobar (Secretary of Digital Government)
Patrick Wieghardt (co-Founder OpenCovid Perú)
Violeta Bermúdez (Prime Minister of Perú)
Francisco Sagasti (President of Perú)
Oscar Ugarte (Health Minister of Perú)
Edgardo Nepo (WHO/PAHO)
Rocío Villanueva (Dean Law PUCP)
Julio Ruiz (Head of Center Disease of Control)

Peruvian Congress

Comission to investigate COVID-19 deaths

Invited to the following ordinary and extraordinary sessions of the Commission:

Committee on Culture and National Heritage

Honor artists who donated their works to finance the "Maria Reiche Lookout Tower" with the Maria Reiche medal.

Left to right:

Asociación Maria Reiche / Maria Reiche Association

Co-founder of the first web platform to track and report on the pandemic in Peru

Our platform is officially launched on October 16, 2020.

On May 18, 2021 our OpenCovid-Peru version 2.0 was launched.


#OpenData / #OpenGovernment

Ayudar el retorno a clases presenciales de los escolares peruanos tras 2 años de virtualidad